Spy Phone App is surveillance software for the smartphones. It is a mobile tracker application that records the incoming as well as the outgoing SMS, phone calls, and surroundings. This application tracks the browser activity, GPS locations, the activity of browsing, and messages from applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and Line. This application uses the internet connection of the smartphone for sending data to the server. After this, you will be able to monitor the call logs from a server remotely. You can log into the server using the password and email supplied to you while registering the application on your smartphone.

The spy apps are very easy to use. You need to install the app on your smartphone, which you wish to monitor. You may install the app completely for free and you will get a free trial. GPS shall be tracked for free. The mobile tracking app uploads all the activities to a secure online account. You will be able to view the activities when you log into this server by using an account created by you at the time of the installation of the app. This app is great to track your children. You will be able to monitor your children. You can even track your employees and monitor their activities.

Information about Spy Phone App

You will need a smartphone to install this app. After installation of the application, you need to run the app to register the phone. While you run the app, you need to enter the password and an email. For registering your phone, you will require an internet connection. Your password and email will remain saved on the server that you can use for logging into the website. After entering the login credentials, you should specify the name. After installation of the app on a smartphone, it can detect an internet connection and within a few hours of installation, you can log in and see all the logs.

For a mobile spy being able to send an SMS, system logs, and GPS, you should have an internet connection. The app will send the logs periodically to the server; however, if no internet connection is there, the logs shall not be lost. They shall be sent immediately when an internet connection will be there. This app records the received and the sent texts so that you may spy on MMS and SMA. When an MMS or SMS is sent or received, you can see a GPS position. The phone number is integrated with the contacts of the phone.

Browser logs

You can use the spy apps to track the browser logs of the internet. The actual domain name, as well as the date of the access, gets saved. They support the S-browser, Android browser, Safari browser (for iPad/iPhone), and Chrome (for Android). When you use browsers such as Dolphin or Mozilla, you need to install the upgradation versions for enabling accessibility. This app tracks the power and shutdown on logs. It records the phone ring logs such as setting silent or setting vibrate that you can see at the time of changing the SIM card.